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Calendar of Events


Board Metings

Board meetings 1st Tuesday of every month; 1-3pm unless otherwise notified; Vista Madrona Fire Station – 273 N. West Camano Dr., Camano Island, WA

General Meetings

General Membership meetings 2nd Thursday of every month; 7-9pm; Vista Madrona Fire Station (*** Exception: Dec. meeting is our Christmas Party)

Up Coming 2021

March 11 Meeting program:  "Sun Spots 101" with Sue Ryan.  This program talks about what Sunspots are and how they affect the earth.  Sunspots create different Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) which affect the earth in different ways.  Most CMEs just create beautiful Auroras, but others can be destructive.  Come learn more about these fascinating events!

 April 8 - Meeting Program - Island County Presenting information on emergency communications for Ca,ano Island

May 13 - Meeting Program - Red Cross presentation