Camano Preparedness Group

Our mission is to educate Camano Island residents regarding the potential risks we face living on an island with limited access, volcanoes in our backyard, fault lines beneath us, and a changing climate; how to be prepared; what to do in the event of; and how to help ourselves recover quickly.  Our prime focus is assisting the residents of Camano Island to prepare their homes and neighborhoods using existing tools and training materials.  We are a Washington State registered non-profit volunteer group working with the Camano Fire & Rescue Department and the Island County Department of Emergency Management Service. 

Camano Island Snow Removal Information

November, 2019  Newsletter

Important Information

If there is another 911 outage the following phone numbers can be used to reach emergecny services:
Camano Island:
360 629-2224
Snohomish County:  425 407-3999
Skagit County:  360 426-3211
Whidbey Island (North/Central): 360 679-9567
Whidbey Island (South):  360 321-4400